“We are healthier now, before someone would be ill every other day.”

Use of pesticides causes serious health problems, including cancer.

“We don’t have to borrow money to buy fertiliser anymore.”

High interest loans are often made by fertiliser sellers. A poor harvest can result in financial ruin.

“The quality of the soil is better.”

Pesticide use degrades soil, increasing need for fertiliser.

“We are now part of something bigger and stronger.”

There are now over 3500 farmers in the Chetna community producing investment in infrastructure, training & research.

Welcome to our world of good cotton.

Our Farmers

We use cotton grown on small scale family farms.

Meet the families that grow our cotton

Our Factory

We care about the people who make our products & their familes.

Meet the people that make our products

Our Customers

Fair trade organic cotton is good for everyone.

Meet the supporters of fair trade organic cotton

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